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Australian Customs Information

Duty Free Allowance

Goods brought into Australia may require the payment of Customs duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST), however travelers are allowed to bring into Australia the following goods duty and sales tax* free when the goods accompany the passenger:

• $A400 worth of goods not including alcohol or tobacco ($A200 for travelers under 18 years of age). For example, cameras, electronic equipment, perfume concentrate, leather goods, jewellery, watches, sporting goods, etc.; 1125 ml alcoholic liquor (including wine, beer or spirits) for travelers aged 18 years and over;

• Tobacco: 250 cigarettes, or 250 grams of cigars or tobacco products other than cigarettes, for travelers aged 18 years and over; most personal items such as new clothing, footwear, articles for personal hygiene/ grooming; personal goods owned and used for at least 12 months can also be brought into Australia without payment of duty and sales tax* (proof of date of purchase may be required); and goods bought overseas, or bought duty/GST free before leaving Australia, are included when determining a duty-free allowance.

Note: Members of the same family who are traveling together may combine their individual duty-free allowances. Gifts (given to you or intended for others) are counted
as part of the $A400 duty-free allowance.

If you have anything in excess of your duty-free goods allowance:
declare the goods and provide proof of purchase to Customs for calculation of any duty and GST to be paid. Customs will not collect combined duty and sales tax* of less than $A50 provided that excess goods are declared.

For information, contact your local Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate, or phone + 61 2 6275 6666.

Temporary Import of Goods

• Commercial goods brought into Australia with the intention of being sold will be subject to the normal rates of duty and GST where applicable.
• Goods, commercial or personal, that are brought into Australia to remain temporarily, may be admitted duty and sales tax* free, subject to certain conditions.
• Carnets may be obtained for temporary duty-free entry of goods such as commercial samples, jewellery, goods for international exhibitions, equipment for sporting events, professional television and film equipment etc.

Contact your International Chamber of Commerce for application details. Goods imported temporarily must meet Australian quarantine requirements.

For more information on importing goods, contact a Customs officer or an Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate overseas, or refer to the Customs brochure Customs Information for Importers available at Customs offices in Australia or at Australian diplomatic posts overseas.

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