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Entertainment & Nightlife in Sydney Australia


Sydney is known for being a city that never sleeps, and has a diverse selection of bars, pubs, nightclubs and music venues. Kings Cross in Sydney is an exciting nightlife area attracting a very diverse crowd

The famous Sydney Opera House regularly hosts theatre, dance, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Sydney Philharmonic Choirs. Theatre from amateur playhouse to large-scale productions can be found all over the city. Check out the Sydney Theatre Company (, the city's premier theatre outfit, for upcoming performances. There are also some night-time cruises on Sydney Harbour offering dinner and dancing. If you time it right, the annual firework display from Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve makes it a night like no other.

Sydney has an enormous number of places to drink and party. A limited number of venues have 24-hour licences, however the majority close before 3 am and some as early as 11 pm, particularly if there are nearby residents.

Busy venues will have door staff checking photo identification to determine that you are over 18. Admission is also commonly refused to those who seem visibly drunk. More popular venues have discriminatory door practices, the most common of which is refusing entry to groups of men who are not accompanied by women. Some pubs and most clubs will admit children accompanied by adults as long as they don't approach the bar or enter an area where there is gambling. Check with staff at the venue. Some pubs don't provide a nice environment for children some nights.

Many places have at least a basic dress code, enforced all hours in the city, and usually after 7 pm in the suburbs. For most generic pubs, men should wear closed toe shoes, full-length pants, and a shirt with sleeves. For clubs, men should don neat business-style shoes. In almost all cases, women can dress more freely, but a small number of places require closed shoes or dressy sandals or high heels.

Many pubs are called hotels, but only very few can ever offer you a place to sleep. Hotel pubs are usually found on a street corner with at least one ground-floor bar, and are usually a few floors high.

Entry charges for live music or DJs are usual and range from A$5 to A$30 depending on clientèle. Entry charges are rare if you're going into a pub for a drink.

The Sydney Morning Herald's daily entertainment section is the most informative guide to the city's pubs and clubs. For club-scene coverage, pick up a free copy of Beat, available at just about any Oxford Street café.

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